Complete this checklist before running a Tor training.


Security Protocol

  • I already contacted my organization and told them that I'm organizing this training

  • I shared a contact to whom my organization should call if something happens

About the Venue

  • The venue has enough tables and chairs for everyone

  • The venue has an internet connection and I know the wifi password

  • There is a projector or TV available and works with my computer

Audience & Communication

  • I shared the venue address, date and time to all participants

  • I asked all participants to bring the necessary equipment to the training

  • I have confirmed participants for the training

During the Training

Before starting the training, make sure you:

  • Make an agreement about taking or not taking photos

  • Present the agenda

  • Introduce yourself and ask people to introduce themselves

  • "All questions are welcome"

After the Training

  • Collect participants' feedback

  • Leave an e-mail for further contact and support

  • Make an evaluation about the training

  • Report to Community and UX team