Thank you for your interest in helping us with translations.

Localization mailing list

To communicate with other translators, please join the Tor localization mailing list, where we organize translations, take decisions, report errors in source strings, etc. Please introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have after following up these instructions.

Translation platform

Most of our localization efforts are hosted in the Localization Lab Hub on Transifex, a third-party translation platform.

In order to begin contributing you will have to sign up with Transifex. Here's an outline of what to expect during that process.

Signing Up On Transifex

  1. Head over to the Transifex signup page. Enter your information into the fields and click the 'Sign Up' button: Sign up to Transifex
  2. Fill out the next page with your name and select "Localization" and "Translator" from the drop-down menus: Fill out details
  3. On the next page, select 'Join an existing project' and continue.
  4. On the next page, select the languages you speak from the drop-down menu and continue.
  5. You are now signed up! Go to the Tor Transifex page.
  6. Click the blue 'Join Team' button on the far right: Join Team
  7. Select the language you would like to translate from the dropdown menu: Choose Language
  8. A notification will now show up on the top of the page like so: Request Submitted
  9. Before translating, please read through the Tor Project page on the Localization Lab Wiki.
  10. Please consult the Tor L10n wikipages for translators and reviewers. The page includes guidelines, resources, and priorities that will help you make the most out of your contribution.

After your membership is approved, you're ready to begin.

IRC channel

We hang out in the #tor-l10n channel on the oftc IRC network. Please join us to talk about localization (l10n)!

Tor Monthly Localization Hangouts

We meet on our irc channel every 3rd Friday of the month. Come over to hang out with other translators, ask questions, or simply translate together.